They and Skips set up a drag race , leading the Unicorns to drive off a ramp and being blown up by Benson. However, they re-appear in "House Rules", coming across Mordecai and Rigby again. The Unicorns also appear in the online game "Fist Punch 2" as enemies and boss. Using Muscle Man's sports equipment, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, and Skips stop the zombies. When a strong, muscular zombie named Howard "Hellion" Fightington is revived, Mordecai and Rigby kill him by driving the cart into him. Howard Fightington and the other zombies appear again in "Exit 9B", as one of the resurrected villains.


This forces Rigby to demand another rematch (triple-or-nothing). He tells him not only will he pay him the money, but he and his friends will be forbidden to hang out at Wing Kingdom. When Rigby is fully prepared, the two meet up at Wing Kingdom again and begin the rematch. After Cash makes his first successful shot, Rigby makes his successful shot. They go at each other with amazing bank shots, until Cash fails one. That meant Cash had to pay for his own bill, and Rigby asked for his hat back.

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Under the alias of a preschool teacher named Natalie, she dates Benson when her group have begun the final phase of their plan. However, to Thomas' shock, Natalia reveals their goal to destroy the park and intended to have park gang killed. But Thomas helps his friends save the park while Natalia is assumed dead after being swallowed by a whale after being knocked from the helicopter to the ocean below. Huge Head is a lollipop man like Pops, except he is younger, has stubbly hair, and has a much bigger head. On his way to the City Arena Center, Huge Head is run over by Pops's flying car, and then Pops unintentionally steals his place for a pro-wrestling bout. For doing so, Huge Head plans to steal Pops's identity as revenge.

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However, Mordecai usually sides with his friend, occasionally going along with Rigby's attempts to get out of work and the two generally stick together through their adventures. The series revolves around the daily lives of two 23-year-old friends, Mordecai , and Rigby . They work as groundskeepers at a park, and spend their days trying to avoid work and entertain themselves by any means. This is much to the chagrin of their boss Benson and their coworker Skips , but to the delight of park manager Pops .

Pops attempts to ends thing peacefully, but with little success. Streaming also arrives to aid him in the fight against Pops and the park workers. In the end, the brothers are killed when Pops sacrifices himself by flying them both into the sun, with Malum Kranus showing some form of emotion before his destruction.

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Skips' truck then dumped dirt into the hole, killing them for good. Their appearance is based on the Morlocks seen in the 1960 George Pal Film of the same name. The Carlocks also appear in the online game "Fist Punch 2" as enemies.

Like the Guardians of Obsolete Formats, he can also understand what Archie is saying while he's in his crystal form. He creates a Wi-Fi Robot named Internet to seek revenge against his father for discrediting his format. Now seeing that he can no longer control Internet, DVD then decided to help the Disc Masters defeat Internet by providing them the universal remote's code to take out the Wi-Fi server tower that's powering him. Following the battle, he is seen watching a movie along with the Disc Masters, Reel-to-Reel, and Archie's ghost.

He went to school with Skips and was the Guardians of Eternal Youth's evil brother. When Walks decided to defeat him, the Guardians and Gary made the Fists of Justice, immortal gauntlets powerful enough to defeat Klorgbane. He returned in "Fists of Justice" and was defeated by Mordecai and Rigby because Skips was injured.

He eventually returned in the episode "Men in Uniform" where it is revealed that he has been stalking and plotting revenge against Pops for the last four years. However his "plotting" mostly consisted of him hiding in the bushes while saying "Wait! Not yet...". Eventually he would finally get his chance to attack Pops when an Ugly Hole was formed from some hideous uniforms merging. However, when he attacked Pops, he soon realized that he was being sucked into the hole as well for being so hideous, but planned to drag Pops along with him. Luckily, he was stopped by Muscle Man who was also being sucked into the hole, but instead hit Huge Head, which sent him into the Ugly Hole. However, his head was too big and ended up getting stuck between dimensions, leaving him as a large floating head floating in midair.

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After a battle between the ghosts, Benson successfully fired them but realizes that it was he who died, not the duo, who have been promoted. The Scarecrow is a character who appears in "Terror Tales of the Park III" as the main antagonist in "Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern". When Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost destroy his pumpkin wife , he comes to life. He then proceeds to touch everybody, which turns them all into pumpkins before squishing them and eventually planting their seeds in the pumpkin patch so that their heads grow into pumpkins. By the end of the episode, he laughs while they all argue on who should go home with a mother and her son, knowing that he had avenged his wife. It is unknown why the female scarecrow wasn't able to come to life.